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How it works

Bring us your best

We buy only clean, high-quality secondhand items so that we can offer the best to our community.



No Stains

No stains

No Holes

No holes


In bags


Step 1: Prepare your items


Make sure everything is freshly washed and in excellent condition. See our FAQ for what you can sell or trade.


You can bring up to 3 reusable shopping bags/totes or 1 regular-sized recycling bag (we don’t accept loose items).

Step 2: Book an appointment

You can book an appointment on our website for our Little Italy or Mile End location. On the day of your appointment, bring your items in for us to evaluate.

We do accept some same day walk-in appointments on buying days. These are very limited and you must call the location you hope to trade at before visiting to reserve your spot (Mile end location: Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Little Italy location: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday).

*Road work on Saint-Laurent, in Little Italy - no on-street parking available for the time being - expect additional time when planning your trip*

Step 3: We offer you cash or credit


We select pieces for the store based on high quality standards. Our buyers assign a retail value to each item and you choose between store credit (50% of retail value) or cash (25% of retail value).

If you want to keep unselected items, make sure to retrieve them before closing time. If not, we are happy to donate any unwanted items in good condition to our charity partners, including Le Chainon.

Step 4: Selection


Will you buy everything I bring?

Not usually. We are very selective about what we buy and can only take things we need for the store. Our buyers are pros at knowing what to look for, and sadly we have to pass on many nice items because of a long list of factors including stock levels, desirability, trend etc. It does happen that we won’t buy anything, or very little of what you have offered. We understand that this can be disappointing. We are always happy to explain why we didn’t take certain items, so please be sure to ask the buyer if ever you find yourself in this situation.

Ready to book an appointment?


We’ll give your preloved items a whole new life.

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