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  • What can I sell or trade?
    We buy secondhand clothing and accessories for all genders. Here are some quick tips for selling or trading your items: Clothes must be freshly washed and without holes, stains or excessive wear. Make sure all buttons are attached, stitches are intact and no repairs are needed. A good question to ask is: “would I buy an item in this condition in a store?” What we want: Noble Fibers (Silk, Wool, Cashmere, Cotton, Linen etc.) Leather Outerwear High Quality Denim Vintage T-Shirts Workwear (Dickies, Carhartt) We don’t buy: Socks, underwear Formal wear (suits, gowns) Children’s clothing Homewares, furniture, bedding or antiques Fast fashion basics (H&M, Fashion Nova, Shein, F21) Visit one of our boutiques or check out our Instagram @empireexchangemtl to see the stuff we love to buy!
  • What condition of clothing do you buy?
    We have high standards for quality because we want to offer the best to our community. We only accept items that are freshly washed and without holes, stains, excessive wear or damage. Ask yourself, would I buy this item in this condition?
  • Can I sell/trade vintage clothing?
    Yes! We love vintage. We’re always looking for wearable closet staples, from mid-century pieces to early aughts finds. We know vintage items aren’t always in the best condition, but we still ask that they be free of stains, holes, excessive wear, and properly laundered. Make sure zippers and closures are working and that there are no missing buttons.
  • Can I sell/trade fast fashion items?
    Generally, we don’t buy fast fashion items (H&M, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21). Occasionally, we will buy fast fashion pieces in brand new or like-new condition in styles that are in high demand in our stores. We do not buy from Fast-Fashion companies Shein and Fashion Nova.
  • Can I sell/trade children’s clothes?
    Nope, we only buy clothing for adults.
  • Can I sell/trade men’s clothes?
    Yes! We buy clothing for all genders.
  • Can I sell/trade formal wear?
    Nope. We don’t buy things like gowns, prom dresses, evening jackets or suits.
  • Can I sell/trade shoes and accessories?
    Yes! We buy shoes, handbags, and other accessories in excellent condition. However, we don't buy jewellery.
  • Can I sell/trade non-clothing items like homewares or antiques?
    No, we only buy clothing and accessories.
  • Can I sell/trade high end or designer clothing?
    Short answer: yes. Long answer: we’re committed to accessible pricing in our stores, so you may get a higher valuation selling through an upscale consignment or resale channel. You can always bring in your items, and if you’re unsatisfied with the value our buyers have assigned to your designer items before you decide to sell/trade, you can choose to take them back.
  • Do you repair clothing?
    No, we don’t repair clothing. We only buy clothing in like-new, sellable condition.
  • Can I cancel my appointment?
    Yes! You can cancel at any time before your appointment starts. To cancel, use the link in your booking confirmation email.
  • What if I'm running late?
    No problem—we offer a 10 minute grace period if you’re running late for your appointment. After that, your appointment may be cancelled and you’ll be invited to book another. Please call us, so we can try to accommodate you as best we can.
  • How long does an appointment take?
    We allot 20 minutes per appointment. Occasionally it will take longer to evaluate items. You’re welcome to hang out at the shop while you wait, or we can send you a text message when your items have been evaluated.
  • How many items can I bring at once?
    You can bring up to 3 reusable shopping bags/totes or 1 regular-sized recycling bag. Make sure to remove hangers, take clothes out of garment/dry cleaning bags and remove shoes from boxes. It’s important that you bring items in a tote or recycling bag, as we don’t accept clothing in suitcases and we can’t evaluate loose items.
  • Can I take my items back?
    After we evaluate your items, we’ll give you an itemized list with the value assigned to each item. At this point, you can either decide to sell/exchange your items, or take them back. However, once you agree to exchange your items for cash or credit, you won’t be able to take them back.
  • If my items are not selected, can I bring them to another location?
    Our buying team uses the same strict guidelines and pricing metric at all locations, so we ask that you only have your items evaluated once.
  • Can I donate my unselected items?
    Yes! We will donate any unwanted item in good condition to our charity partners, including Le Chainon.
  • Do we accept Walk Ins?
    We don't accept walk ins. However, you can call to book a same day appointment on our buying days. We have very limited space reserved for them, so calling for availability is essential.
  • What is Exchange credit?
    You can earn Exchange credit by trading in secondhand clothing and accessories. We’ll give you a paper credit note indicating the amount of credit you’ve earned. Your credit is valid at both Empire Exchange locations, and you can spend it on multiple purchases over time. Exchange credit is different from regular store credit. You receive store credit when you return an item. Store credit never expires and can be used on any item in our stores.
  • How long is credit valid for?
    Exchange credit is valid for one year, starting from the day it is issued. If you hold credit that was valid during a period when our boutiques were closed for COVID-19 measures, you are eligible for an extension.
  • What can I buy with credit?
    Your Exchange credit can be used to buy the following items: - All secondhand clothing, shoes and accessories - Empire Exchange (EE) branded products (e.g. socks, earrings)
  • Do I have to choose between cash or credit right away?
    Nope! You can redeem your credit for half that amount in cash any time before your credit expires. If you choose the cash option, don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID.
  • What if I lose my paper credit note?
    Unfortunately we can’t replace your paper credit note. It’s best to treat it like cash and keep it somewhere safe!
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